THETA V 4K Live Mobile Streaming - Free App


Have not tried yet. If you test it, please post your experience.

Author tested it streaming to YouTube and is in the process of testing it with Facebook.

Using Android terminal microphone, not the microphones on the THETA V.

List of RICOH THETA Apps

@jcasman, the really interesting thing is that this guy managed to get Android working with the THETA V live streaming, which is UVC 1.5. We’ve been working under the assumption that the Linux kernel doesn’t support UVC 1.5. The Android OS uses the Linux kernel. So, how did he get it to work? Consider sending him a note in Japanese?

The official forum, community member bernz had this to say…

Post by bernz » 20 Jan 2018, 00:37

Ok, just for your information, I missed the fact that the Camera offers a second USB configuration :oops: and that one describes UVC 1.5… even on Linux (Android)!

I want this information. please help get it.