New firmware for the Theta V 2.10.1


New firmware is out for the Theta V and it is supposed to allow transfer of files to USB device. (!)


I’m going to purchase this:
I have no idea what a OTG flash drive is but it is supposed to allow backing up of Android phones etc. I guess it should work. I will report back!
I’m actually so excited that I might have to drop by local Microcenter store and pick one up today, since they have a reasonable selection and pricing. Search OTG+Flash


So I just tried it out with both a 32gb and 64gb flash drive with an OTG microUSB adapter. The flash drive should be formatted as MSDOS FAT32.
You only need your iPhone - Mobile device to initially select the USB data transfer mode in the plugins in the camera settings (not the shooting settings). This setting is retained on the Theta.(It appears)

After you are done filming and want to do the transfer. Insert the OTG Flash drive. Hold the mode button until the camera status light turns white. Hold and release the shutter button and then the camera icon will flash while it transfers the files to the USB Flash drive. This takes a while,
Once the transfer is done, the camera returns back to regular shooting mode. (The white camera status light returns returns to blue.)

The files should now be on the flash drive and the original files deleted from the camera.

Excellent job, Ricoh!


@ZZChu, nice sleuthing! I need to get an OTG (On The Go) Micro USB-to-USB adapter cable or a flash drive with an OTG micro USB adapter like you got to fully test this. I’m going to Best Buy tonight!

Super small detail, as I was upgrading to the Version 2.10.1 firmware that supports this, to be thorough I made sure to upgrade my RICOH THETA desktop app first. I thought there was a newer 3.3.1 version. I was at 3.3.0. After doing it 2-3 times and it seemingly wouldn’t work, I released the new 3.3.1 version is just for Windows. Mac is still at 3.3.0.


I might try it with 2.5" SSD drive but I don’t have an empty one right now( via a SATA to USB adapter), I am not sure if it will draw too much power from the camera though.

In terms of price per gig of a SSD versus a flash drive, it is probably the same price.

I’m curious how long it takes to transfer a completely full Theta to a flash drive.

Also, what happens if there isn’t enough space in the destination drive?

A full theta is about 19gigs–so one could transfer maybe 3x full Theta into a 64gig Drive?


This is a great report. Thanks for sharing it. There’s a lot of valuable information in your experience.


Sony ‘s USM32SA1 is good to show its writing status by embedded LED.